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Our sense of smell is linked directly to the part of the brain responsible for memories and emotions, fragrance plays a crucial role in how we remember and experience things. According to the worlds leading hotel branding specialists, hotel guests remember what they smell two times longer and more vividly than what they see or hear. In fact after three months, a person can recall a smell with 65% accuracy, in contrast to only 50% of visuals. (Sense of Smell Institute)


The use of scent has the ability to directly influence how your hotel or guest house is perceived and remembered. The right scent has the power to reinforce your brand message and connect with your guests on a unique level. Our data shows that the power of scent drives guest loyalty and increase the number of repeat bookings.

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Creating unique guest experiences is a key trend for luxury, boutique and lifestyle-branded hotels. From the moment guests arrive, they want to feel that their experience is special. With one of our signature scents you can create the perfect ambience and create a powerful impression with guests. However if you wish to provide a purely bespoke element to your accommodation, we can work to brief or even together to build a fragrance completely custom to your venue.

Air Care Solutions

We produce a number of different scent delivery systems to fragrance your venue. These include:

•Reed Diffusers

•Room Spray

•Fabric Refresher

•Fragrance Sachets (for draws/ cupboards etc.)

•Various Candles

•Wax Melts (Either tea light or electric delivery)

These are available in our entire fragrance collection. However, if you require a bespoke item this can be arranged.

Initial Stock


We work together to review the layout of the venue and discuss options for fragrance, along with suggestions on placement within your spaces.

Products will be discounted due to not being individually gift packaged and being provided in bulk.


We can provide refills for reed diffusers, room sprays and wax melts. These can be provided in bulk quantities that can be refilled by housekeeping staff. We would provide instruction and safety information for your staff.

Cosmetics and amenities

All of our cosmetics are hand poured in our workshop in Alnwick, Northumberland. We use only certified Organic bases and all natural fragrance oils.


Our products are vegan and not tested on animals. We package cosmetics in glass bottles that can be refilled or recycled.

Our cosmetics range is available in both full size and hotel amenity size. We also offer bulk refill for you to refill your products yourself.

We Offer:

•Hand Wash and Lotion

•Soap Bars

•Shampoo & Conditioner

•Bath and Shower Gel

•Body Lotion

•Foam Bath

•Bath Oil

These are available in our Signature collection only, however if you require a bespoke fragrance, this can be arranged.

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