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Our long anticipated Alnmouth Estuary fragrance has had amazing feedback from both recipients of our Advent Calendar and those who were lucky enough to get sample wax melts.


This is a pre-order product for lovers of our upcoming Alnmouth Estuary fragrance. Be one of the first to sample our upcoming Alnmouth Estuary fragrance with an Alnmouth Estuary Gift Box. The set contains a surprise number of items in our lastest fragrance and is worth over £150. This will include a Three Wick Candle, a full size Reed Diffuser plus lots more.


While Alnmouth is best known for it’s picture postcard pastel cottages, long sandy beaches and the oldest links golf course in England, it is the estuary that has inspired our fragrance. Alnmouth Estuary, where the River Aln empties into the North Sea, is home to the largest salt flat on the North East coast and the most northerly British colony of seaweeds.


Alnmouth Estuary is a refreshing clean blend of ozonic top notes of moss and sea spray leading to a heart of marine and lavender all resting on a base of sea herbs and amber. This coastal fragrance transports us to standing on the stone bridge looking over the salt marsh to the estuary, inhaling the salty herbal aroma.



This product is part of our crowd funding campaign.

The pre-purchase is non-refundable and can not be exchanged for any other product or item.

The item will not ship until July 2023 at the earliest.


Alnmouth Estuary Launch Pack

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