• Our Sand Ripple Votive Gift Set contains one of our handmade Sand Ripple votive holders and wooden wick votive of your choice. Saving £3.50 over buying separately.


    Our Sand Ripple collection is hand thrown by the talented Robin Pamer on Orkney. 


    The sea retreats and reveals a changed landscape.

    Contours have been etched by the ebb and flow

    of the sea leaving ripples in the sand

    caught in the light of a setting sun.


    Our premium woodwick votive is hand poured in small batches right here in Northumberland. The votive is made using our unique natural wax blend poured around a sustainably sourced wooden wick that gently crackles as it burns. 


    The gift sets are presented in a beautiful white gift box tied with Ribbon. The ultimate gift experience.


    Sand Ripple Votive Gift Set

    SKU: 500212OR