• Our Exclusive Sand Ripple Wax Melt contains a beautiful handmade Notes of Northumberland Sand Ripple Wax Melt burner, a pack of mini wax melts and 2 tealights, a great way to get started with wax melts. 


    Our exclusive burner is hand thrown by the talented Robin Pamer on Orkney. 


    The sea retreats and reveals a changed landscape.

    Contours have been etched by the ebb and flow

    of the sea leaving ripples in the sand

    caught in the light of a setting sun.


    The perfect addition to any room, simply place your favourite wax melt on top of the burner and light an unscented tea light into the base. Sit back and relax while the wax slowly melts and releases fragrance in to the room.


    Please always follow enclosed burning instructions.


    Exclusive Sand Ripple Wax Melt Gift Set

    SKU: 500210OR