• The Luminarie aroma diffuser is a luxurious and elegant addition to your home. The beautiful fret-worked bronzed metal cover radiates a warm ambient light, casting a golden glow. The diffuser releases a cooling aromatherapy mist, which fills your home with beautiful fragrance whilst humidifying the air, calming your senses and boosting your mood. With multiple light settings you can use the Luminarie as a lamp alone, or find your inner Zen with the relaxing 'breathing' light. A slow soothing cycle from bright to dim which is perfect for meditation and mindfulness, creating a calming sanctuary.

    The cool scented mist humidifies the air whilst filling the room with fragrance for up to 4 hours, which will shut off automatically when the water runs out. Utterly calming luxury, the perfect addition to your home interior.



    Place tap water and a few frops of your favourite Notes of Northumberland natural fragrance oil into the diffuser and with the press of a button, instantly release a heatless, completely safe, fine mist of scented vapour. 


    Ideal for use around children and pets. 

    Aroma Diffuser - Luminarie

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