• The Fern aroma diffuser adds elegance to any décor with its Nordic inspired glass cover. It emits a soft light to create a calming atmosphere in a darkened room. The luxurious glass cover is adorned with an embossed leaf design that ensures that the diffuser remains a stylish accessory even when it is not in use.


    Blending perfectly with any decor, the Aroma Diffuser generates soft ambient light through low energy LED bulbs which help you relax. These elegant diffusers will make your living space feel like an expensive spa as it disperses the soft fragrance of your choice and scatters soft ambient light around your room.


    By placing tap water and a few drops of your favourite Notes of Northumberland Natural Fragrance oil into the diffuser, it will, with the press of a button, instantly release a heatless, completely safe, fine mist of scented vapour into the atmosphere to stimulate your senses and enable you to sink into a relaxed world of healing and self-balance. This is believed to be the best way to diffuse any fragrance into the atmosphere, as without direct heat, oils are not degraded.


    The diffusers also have intermittent mist control, which will automatically switch the diffusion of scent and mist on and off every few seconds, which is ideal when using stronger scents.


    Used without a fragrance or essential oil, you can still enjoy the benefits of the humidifying mist, which is ideal for counteracting some of the dryness created by today’s central heating and air conditioning systems.

    Aroma Diffuser - Fern